Doron Zisso & Co, Law & Mediation Offices

Below is a profile of our office.
The firm was founded in 1995 by attorney Doron Zisso,
LLB degree at the Faculty of Law at the Tel Aviv University   (1982).

Over the years, our firm specialized in:

1. Web and Net Law
2. Intellectual  property  law (IP law)
3. Contracts of all kinds:
   a. Development Agreements
   b. Business Consultant Agreements    
   c. foundation of START UP and hi-tech firms and partnerships.   
   d. Agreements in the fields of limiting competition, confidentiality,
   e. Contracts facing subcontractors and suppliers and Contracts for
       softeware distribution, digital distribution, licensing, Commerce
       between companies and service providers including e-commerce.          
   f. agreements between firms and between clients / suppliers.
4. Registering Trademarks and service marks and protecting them.
5. Protection of patents and models.
6. Documentation and protection of copyright and trade secrets.
7. Databases
8. Legal advice and litigation
9. ADR

Attorney Doron Zisso serves as:
1. Guest lecturer at the Haifa University on the subject of Internet intellectual property
2. Member of the Committee for computing and software in the Israeli Bar – Central
3. Member of Legislative Committee for the Protection of Privacy Law of the
    Israeli Bar - Central Committee.
4. Moderator/administrator of the Internet and hi-tech law  web discussion group at  (a

leading Israeli web portal and web 2.0 social site).

The firm represents commercial companies ,hi-tech corporates, start up venues, internet & consulting

professionals, website owners and administrators, software firms, graphic design professionals,

inventors and entrepreneurs.

Our offices are located in HAIFA Downtown, close to the Central Railstation and the Carmelite Subway.

Our address:

P.O.B 33668 HAIFA 31336, ISRAEL
TEL. 972-77-2152522
FAX. 972-4-8507048
SKYPE: doron.zisso
@follow us on Twitter: lawbay




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